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Rugby Crowd Spectator Barriers

For more information telephone our technical director on 0797 47 45 768 or if you prefer, email with the length and width of your pitch. Advise how many sides you need, your location and postcode and if you want installation. An estimate will be sent back to you by return email. We can also supply openings for players and gates for ambulance and grass cutting equipment.

Spectator Barrier / Crowd Barrier Information

Low cost rugby pitch spectator crowd barrier post and rail systems are available in high impact uPVC and steel. New  PVC barriers with strong infill panels are also available for clubs that want to ensure spectators do not encroach the playing surface. (see picture below). We also supply permanent steel post and rail spectator barriers with mesh infill panelling.

The PVC spectator barriers are lightweight but strong. They can be removed after each game if required. The post and rail system utilizes 68mm high impact PVC posts with strengthened push button “T” connectors.  The plastic posts are just as strong  as steel but are much safer for players than steel barriers.  We can supply and fix or just deliver direct to site for self-installation.

spectator barriers - rugby crowd barrier panels

The permanent position spectator barrier is supplied with rust free plastic ground sockets, these have the added advantage that they cannot damage grass cutting equipment. A safe spiked system is also available to secure the in PVC posts where cricket squares are adjacent to the main pitch and need to be removed in the close season, without damaging the playing surface. The posts and rails can easily be strengthened, (if required) to take extra load in areas where more spectators gather. The steel barriers also use “T” connectors which, are secured to rails by special screws. Supplied galvanized or painted and all are concreted straight into the ground and cannot be removed once installed.

For junior clubs we provide safe low level plastic posts with plastic chain or rope that perform better and last much longer than the cheap Far East imported post systems with dangerous spikes. At the top of the range is the new high impact plastic post system with full panelling that prevents spectators from encroaching onto the playing surface keeps spectators off the pitch. This is a brand new system that we have introduced after hearing about fatal accidents to players on old dangerous concrete and steel crowd barriers.

spectator barriers

Spectator Barrier – Socketed Crowd Barrier

Rugby Crowd Spectator Barriers, safer than steel post systems but just as strong. The spectator barrier can be removed at the close of the season to help grass cutting and pitch maintenance or it can be left permanently. The barrier rails are 2.4m wide, light weight banners or boards can be used between posts for advertising. Incredibly strong spectator barrier system that is much safer for players. The posts and rails can be easily strengthened in any specific areas of the pitch if required. Practically maintenance free with no painting just a wash down occasionally with hot soapy water. The posts are supported in plastic, rust free ground sockets that cannot damage grass cutting equipment and allow easy alignment and levelling.

Spectator Barrier – Spiked

High impact PVC post and rail barrier system can also be supplied with safety metal spikes that enable the barrier to be positioned anywhere and moved around. Easy to install as they require no digging and can be positioned anywhere. Click here to download the Spectator barrier information leaflet with further information.

Spectator Crowd Barrier – with PVC infill planking

If Rugby Crowd Spectator Barriers are required to prevent encroachment onto the playing surface then the PVC infill system is the is deal option. The spectator barrier posts are concreted directly into the ground to give stability and are solid posts with slots for individual planks to slide into.

The planks come 300mm and 150mm deep and three large planks and one small plank together is the required height. The posts have neat post caps and are maintenance free only needing an occasional wash down with hot soapy water. A sturdy strong system when installed that is designed to take lightweight removable signage. Special corner posts give a neat corner intersection and Gates for players, ambulances and grass cutting equipment can be easily made to suit different locations.

This system is more expensive than a basic post & rail but looks fantastic when installed around a football pitch. Top clubs are looking at this system and ground improvement grants may be available form the Football Foundation to remove old concrete and steel systems and replace with the more modern safer alternative.  We are the only company in the UK currently offering this system.

Rugby Pitch Barriers

Alternatively telephone our Technical Director on 0797 47 45 768 or if you prefer, email with the length and width of your pitch.


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